Thup Makes Games!

THUP Games has been making all sorts of games for all sorts of people since 2001!

In the past, we have made games for clients like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, TeenNick, HBO, and MTV. We made racing games and political games, games which explored the social dynamics of high school and proms, and games about love.

Since 2010, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making great early learning games. Stay tuned for more great games for kids!


Jim Nichols


For over twenty years, Jim has designed games, created characters and developed properties that meet, exceed, and invert expectations. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Kate and their 3 kids.


Peter Ginsberg


Peter is a game designer & developer with two decades of experience designing and developing games for players of all ages.  Prior to founding Thup Peter was a lead interface developer at Razorfish where he created ground breaking and award winning projects for the Whitney Museum and American Natural History Museum.  Peter is a big believer in games as a medium and feels we’ve only scratched the surface of the types of play and learning experiences they are capable of creating.   He lives in Maplewood, NJ with his wife and 2 beta testers.